Our Projects

Here are a few projects of the Sacred Deeds Foundation

School Project


“Serving the needy and providing eye sight to the poor is our main mission. Considering the magnitude of blindness, we want to do more than 3000 surgeries free of cost ever year. We have shifted to Barsana from Mumbai mainly to achieve this mission”

– Ranjeet W. Senior Opthalmologist

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“Lab technicians work day and night to make dentures and dispense them on the spot. For a few days they could not sleep but when they saw the smile on the faces of these people, their tiredness vanished instantly!”

– Mukund S. Leading Dentist



Barsana Eye Project

Sacred Deeds invites you to help us give the gift of sight to the town of Barsana and 120 neighboring villages. Located in the Mathura District of Northern India, Barsana is famous for its cultural significance. It is home to a people who have had their roots in the area for thousands of years, and has been celebrated as the birthplace of the famous festival of colors (Holi) tradition.

However, despite the richness of its culture, the area suffers from dreadful economic conditions. Thus many of the townspeople are trapped in cycles of poverty, unable to gain access to proper healthcare prevention and treatment.

3,500 people are going blind every year in the 120 villages around Barsana. A team of Mumbai-based experts in various medical disciplines have come together to save this community through regular “eye-camps” which provide free service to villagers in the January/February months of the year. Since 1992, over 200 volunteers comprising of physicians, ophthalmologists, nurses, and assistants have come forward and succeeded in screening 80,000 patients and operating on over 10,000 thus far. At the recent 2014 Barsana eye-camp, they were able to serve 3000+ villagers– with 950 cataract operations successfully delivered within 10 days.


Along with the gift of sight project our team has launched a dental camp to take care of everything from fillings to extractions. At the most recent camp, 2100 patients were served by an expert staff of 45 dentists, volunteers, and para-medical staff. The team was even able to give away 80 dentures on the spot to needy patients!

At The Sacred Deeds Foundation, our goal is to build this community of villages from the ground up. We strongly believe that when an entire community is built up, then future generations can be liberated from the suffering of cyclical poverty. Through the free cataract surgeries, dental care, and a permanent clinic in Barsana, we can give the gift of a new life to thousands of people.

Every single dollar will make a difference for a person in need.