Who We Are

Anand Poddar

“The same beauty, culture, and vibrancy of India is alive in the designs we have been inspired by. And out of gratitude for the clothes we buy, sell, and wear we give back to those people by supplying a better life for them. A single dollar used in the right manner can go a very long way.”


‘The Art of Living is in Giving’.

This motto has been internalized into the Sacred Threads clothing company since its inception over 20 years ago. For years one of our projects has been supporting the village of Barsana, which lies 70 miles from New Delhi, India. The original styles of the Sacred Threads brand have their roots in Northern India. To this day, the majority of our designs in wardrobes all over the country originate from there. The Sacred Deeds Foundation has been created to involve customers and clients in these efforts.

The Sacred Deeds Foundation invites you to be a part of one our many charities. There is a lot of work to be done, but together, I believe we can move mountains.

Balaram Poddar
Director – Sacred Deeds Foundation

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